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Museum Vest tells about life along the coast and at sea through the ages. Get excited about the adventurous fishing, be impressed by our magnificent maritime history and let yourself be captivated by stories from the war and the occupation period. Visit our museums - get up close and personal with the stories and the places that matter!

See each museum for their opening hours.

You can find our museums here

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  • Bilde av Bergen Maritime Museum

    Bergen Maritime Museum

    We show you Bergen and Norway's Maritive history; from the iron age and the viking age up to modern times.

  • Bilde av North Sea traffic museum

    North Sea traffic museum

    Everything about North Sea traffic and the Telavåg tragedy Moving stories about the resistance struggle by the coast and the terror that struck Telavåg during the Second World War.

  • Bilde av Bjørn West Museum

    Bjørn West Museum

    Bjørn West Museeum has its name from the norwegian resistance group that were in the Matre mountains the last six months of World War 2. The museum tell the story about the 259 soldiers, also known as "the white angels", that during a short peroid of time buildt up a powerful military base.

  • Bilde av The Hanseatic Museum and Schøtstuene

    The Hanseatic Museum and Schøtstuene

    The Hanseatic Museum and Schøtstuene tells the Hanseatic history at Schøtstuene and Bryggen. We offer you guided tours every weekend.

  • Bilde av Norwegian Fisheris Museum

    Norwegian Fisheris Museum

    ​Dive into real fish tales at the Norwegian Fisheries Museum, and let our historical warehouses inspire you!

  • Bilde av The Coastal Museum

    The Coastal Museum

    ​Coastal culture from the Stone Age to the Oil Age. Life by the sea in focus and how life is and has been here along the coast.

  • Bilde av Herdla Museum

    Herdla Museum

    Herdla is quite unique with its open landscape and long beaches. The museum on this island have exhibitions about the second world war and bird life.

  • Bilde av Fjell Fortress

    Fjell Fortress

    Fjell fortress locatedon Sotra is a fortress from the second world war. Come visit the 14 metre into the cannon well and into the network of tunnels running through the mountain.

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